Courtesy and compassion aren't old fashioned phrases to my apprehension, they're rather a gentleman's code. I prefer sports, good food, poetry and mental stimulation. I believe in shooting straight, higher than u can visualize - past those stars - the heartfelt land where dreams are born. I contemplate with both body and soul..

My eloquence is as undeviating as my zodiac's quiver pieces. When exasperated, I smite down cavities through concrete. But if one ever ventures facing my fidelity and get prepared to comprehend that I'm still there, instead of chasing deceptive rumors today, it surely paves an unimpaired permanence in agape..

So, do dare dream to win... I'm on planet to give my comrades all those captivating dreams I can station into ur heart. Have u ever looked at ur casement-side gulmohars? Just peep beyond those . Did u ever in ur entire existence experience such a debonair? I foster u meet ur lost illusions and retain a righteous faith in all ur fantasies. Well, u don't have any? Borrow some of mine. I do have plenty to spare. And if u believe in those half as I do in urs, we can barbecue some miracles together..